Dec 22, 2013

STC offers its customers faster Internet with the QUICKnet MyFi 4G device

STC now offers its customers the QUICKnet MyFi 4G device with a prepaid data SIM card and unlimited Internet for 3 months for only SR 750. The QUICKnet MyFi device stands out with its small size and light weight, which makes it easy to carry around, with dual 4G network frequency support (1800 and 2300). In addition to providing high Internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps, the device can connect up to ten devices via Wifi and also features an OLED screen. QUICKnet MyFi supports the Windows and Mac operating systems as well as all mobile data transfer technologies, such as GSM & LTE, DC-HSPA, HSDPA, UTMS, EDGE and GPRS. To meet the interests and needs of its customers, STC continuously designs services that offer customers a wide range of choices. Providing a wide coverage and vast infrastructure, STC aims to maintain its leadership by always offering the latest technologies. And so, it recently launched the advanced 4G LTE service for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa.

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