Jun 17, 2013

STC embraces the biggest international internet portal in the region

STC embraces King Khalid National Network Control Center “NNCC” in Riyadh which is the biggest integrated performance control center in the region for monitoring the overall network performance. It also monitors the performance of the biggest international internet portal in the region which adds a strategic dimension of the company making it a world internet provider in the Middle East (International DSP). The NNCC also controls the internet network serving STC cable and wireless broadband customers and business customers in the kingdom. It also monitors and tracks the performance of the biggest filtering suite in the Middle East to keep up with the steady and rapid growth of internet and broadband services. This gigantic systems and services that surpassed the boundaries of the Saudi Arabia were there to put STC in a unique leading position not at the kingdom level, but it extends to cover the Middle East and the globe. This enables the company to control over 90% of internet and data traffic in the kingdom where the volume of data transmission is close to 3000 terabytes daily through the gigantic gateways with capacities of up to 500 gigabyte/s. these gateways are linked with marine cables spread east and west: SMW4, SMW3, IMW, FLAG in addition to the new continental cable JADI built by STC in conjunction with its strategic partners to provide more capacities and reliability and more backup capacities on alternate cables in case of outages to avoid impacting the customer service. The NNCC also tracks Domain Name Systems (DNS) that house the most up-to-date specialist world equipment accredited by major world websites. It also hosts Root DNS servers to provide domain rerouting service to internet users inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

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