Oct 10, 2013

STC network serves 31 million user in Hajj

STC continues its efforts in preparation for serving pilgrims of 1434H Hajj season. It raised the capacity mobile networks in Makkah, the holy shrines and Medina to serve more than 31 million mobile service users. It also added a big number of fixed towers along its efforts to enhance network technologies and expand their channels to improve quality and augment capacities and support the network with mobile stations equipped with high capacities and speeds to serve roads and pedestrian routes. STC has developed operational and preventive plans to provide safe solutions to avoid service outages or deterioration based on approved emergency and field plans. It proceeds with maintenance works and service restoration plans by tracking the preparations of emergency rooms and field teams and their geographical deployment to respond quickly when needed. On the other hand, STC has made the final developmental touches of “My Pilgrimage” application to assist customers during this year Hajj. With this application Pilgrims can perform this duty with ease and comfort by virtue of the services and important features of this program e.g. news follow up, weather information, prayer times and scholar advisory opinions about Hajj matters. The application is the bilingual (English/Arabic) companion of pilgrims in their journey to the holy mosque and supports all cell phones. It contains step – by- step rules and rituals of Hajj and Umrah with guiding illustration. Furthermore, it includes advisory opinions and selected proverbs about Hajj by a selected group of scholars as well as a complete guide of guiding numbers that concern every pilgrim in Makkah and the neighboring areas. The application also features complete maps of Makkah and major cities in addition to the feature of route finding and tracking that helps lost pilgrims. To get the link of “My Pilgrimage” application, the customer sends the code 1000 in a text message to 5000 or log into this link from his mobile: www.stc.islam.mobi . The application cost SAR10 for one time.

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