Sep 16, 2013

STC owns the largest Digital Multiprotocol Label Switching Network (MPLS)

STC has boosted its regional and global presence by coping with the service and technical progress of the world communications and information technology markets. With this, it intends to meet the market service requirements that contribute to the technical and socio-economic development and the innovative solutions needed by the regional and world markets especially its clients namely carriers, operators, Internet providers and major customers in the government and private sectors and large and medium companies in different government, security and economic sectors such banks, service sectors like health and education sectors. To attain this it uses its world SGMN network which includes international points of presence PoP in ten countries covering most of GCC countries and the region and in London and Singapore in addition to its partnerships with major world leading companies in the area of virtual international data circuits which are all linked to STC MPLS network the kingdom. MPLS network enables customer connect their head offices to the branches inside the kingdom and with those outside the kingdom in any city in the world. Through this network the customer can get a bunch of IPVPN network with various data security protection degrees, transit internet service, transit voice telecom traffic service, content services (CDN), international roaming service, backup interface, MRS/HRS service, science applications and future services, and Telepresence. All this is done with full support by world expertise and world standard state of the art technologies. It is to be noted that STC is a leader in Wholesale area in the region due by virtue of its experience in the field and its distinct relationship with major world telecom organizations and its local an international network and terrestrial fiber optic and marine cables with the neighboring countries and the world. This gives the company the franchise to provide integrated and innovative telecom services and solutions from a single source at the regional and world levels.

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