Sep 06, 2013

STC continues its daily prizes for Jood bundles from Jareer Bookstore

STC continues offering its daily prizes from Jareer Bookstore to 10 winners equal to SAR 1000 each dedicated to new Jood 2 subscribers and those who requested upgrade to higher speeds. The offer lasts till the end of the current Gregorian calendar in coincidence with the return to school for all the bundle subscribers. Subscribers will get Jood 2 bundle for its new prices (2 megabit/s) against SAR149, (4 megabit/s against SAR199 and (20 megabit/s) Jood bundle for SAR249 per month. Installation is free of charge for all bundles plus a free modem with each subscription. Existing subscribers can upgrade current speeds to higher Jood 2 speeds at no extra charges. It is to noted that subscribers can compete for winging the daily prizes by visiting the company website and fill out the form on the page by customer request type i.e. (new installation, upgrade) and select the desired speed (2 mega, 4 mega, 20 mega). After data registration is complete, the request is submitted and the customer has entered the drawing.

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