Oct 21, 2015

STC Joins Program of "Knowledge and Skill Development"

STC joined the EMC program in the field of "Knowledge and Skill Development" which is specialized in the operations of organizational development of companies, and huge technological institutions after signing an agreement with EMC in this respect. The agreement was signed in the STC Pavilion which participated in the events of GITEX Dubai. The agreement was signed by Eng. Nasser Sulaiman AL Nasser, Senior Vice President of Technology and Operations From STC and by Mohammed Amin from EMC, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager.
The international program allocated "Knowledge and Skill Development" to a limited elite number of EMC strategic partners around the world, where it designs integrated programs to develop administrative and technological skills to meet the requirement of the sector of information technology and business around the world.
The program- used in the biggest companies and organizations around the world in terms of activities, business size and proliferation- is based on questionnaires, personal interviews conducted inside the company. EMC analyzes this data using the most up-to-date information technology and business around the world.
The program includes plans of organizational development of companies. The plans are based on the programs of training and skills and development of technological and non-technological experiences that are compatible with the development plans and company expansion the program also includes individual organizational development plans which are designed in accordance with the state-of-arts technology which will be upon the current and future needs of the company.

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