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STC hosts the IPv6 internet protocol workshop
Saudi News May 31, 2014
STC hosted the activities of version 6 of the 15th (IPv6) Taskforce meeting, organized by CITC on Thursday 22/05/2014 at the Executive Club of King Abdul Aziz Telecom complex in Mursalat. During the meeting, a number of working papers/presentations were presented by subject experts from inside and outside the Kingdom ti view latest developments in the application of this release. STC made an online demonstration on a (DSL) link supported with version 6 of (IPv6) Protocol to the attendees of this meeting who included representatives of telecom organizations, service providers. Banks and other public and private sector authorities interested in the subject. On the sidelines of the meeting, CITC organized a training program in conjunction with Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG). The training was conducted at STC Training Centre in Mursalat and lasted for three days (May 19 through 21, 2014 where the training room was equipped with version 6 of (IPv6) service. The training covered the methods and techniques used to optimize the application of (IPv6).