Jul 23, 2013

STC supports HD service with HD Voice technology

HD Voice technology supported by STC enabled customers using modern and smart devices make their call with convenience and a voice purity in crowded noisy areas such as marketplaces and other crowded public places where call recipient doesn’t feel any disturbance on the caller side. The advanced HD voice is part of mobile voice quality, a step described as the major improvement in the call voice quality for decades. It promises the user with a far better voice quality experience in many smart devices available today. It also features delivering a more clearer conversation voice with an intelligent noise reduction in the background by suppressing of noise as well as the great enhancement of conference calls the fact that reduces the need for business trips. This step by STC that enables customers using HD Voice is a continuation of its intention of delivering everything new and distinct in the telecom world and consolidation of lead concept that distinguishes its customers. It is a reflection of STC super capabilities and comes within a suite of services and support it provides through the advanced 4G LTE network launched by the company being the first operator of this generation in the Middle East and North Africa.

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