Aug 27, 2013

Flex Business Jawal from STC widely accepted by Private and Government sectors

The new business bundles in the kingdom (Business Jawal Flex 50 , Flex 100 and Flex 150) were widely accepted by customers in both private and public sectors. These bundles were intended by STC to support its private and government customers to give them more flexibility and ability to control the monthly expenses of the firm. Business Jawal Flex bundles offer a credit equal to the value of the bundle (SAR 50 for Flex 50, SAR 100 for Flex 100 and SAR 150 for Flex 150) without monthly subscription charges and offer free calls between the individuals in the group even after exhausting the monthly balance. Balance recharge is possible via SAWA recharge cards available in the market. Business Jawal Flex is a distinct business service that contributes to the growth of private sector businesses with increased inter- team communication and increased productivity and performance of employees. The service allows the customer recharging via SAWA recharge vouchers available on the market which enables them control monthly expenses and credit limits of employees in an easy, practical and flexible way and with wide chances as needed. It is to be noted that the service can be requested by calling 909 which delivers round the clock, or visiting the new Business Sector Center in Riyadh, Jeddah and Khobar where the experts there are honored to entertain representatives of organizations and provide full solutions that fit the size of their businesses.

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