Jan 18, 2015

STC Employs Saudi Women in an Advanced Information Technology Service Center

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) has launched the first all-female integrated Information Technology (IT) service center in Riyadh, which provides Saudi women with a well-equipped and independent workplace. The center, which is managed by women as well, marks an achievement for STC in developing local talent and resources. STC signed an agreement with Tata Consultancy Services, a multinational IT service provider, to execute the management of the center. Dr. Khalid Al-Biyari, Senior Vice-President of Technology and Operations of STC, explained that the new center will harness the potential of the Saudi women, who will undergo world-class training facilitated by Tata Consultancy Services. “Afterwards, female employees will be assigned to IT projects managed by Tata Consultancy Services at STC in an environment that adheres to our noble Islamic principles. This supports the strategy of the government, which aims to create employment opportunities for women,” he added. The new center will capitalize on the comprehensive expertise of Tata to deliver additional technical support to STC in matters related to security, development, and operations. Its unique business model is considered to be the first of its kind in the Kingdom, as both STC and Tata will strive to employ female Saudi graduates and offer diverse career opportunities in the field of IT. Once the initiative bears fruits, STC will expand the range of services of the center to enable Saudi women to participate in various other corporate initiatives. The Regional Director of Tata Consultancy Services in KSA, Neeraj Srivastava, commented, “STC is a leader when it comes to initiatives that benefit society and the Kingdom, and such a milestone will further promote our cooperation with them.” A landmark of the corporate social responsibility efforts of STC, the initiative is expected to become a training platform that nurtures the capabilities and skills of Saudi women in IT. The center also seeks to empower women to participate in economic progress and explore new career opportunities.

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