Sep 28, 2013

STC hosts the biggest Security Operation Center (SOC) in the region

STC hosts the biggest Security Operation Center in the region which qualifies it to raise security level of the systems and applications it provides by pursuing standard world policies and criteria in this field. The center is a kernel for delivering security control and operation services for the group’s subsidiaries in addition to its role of optimum utilization of the SOC services by delivering them in a commercial manner to small and medium enterprises in different business sectors. In this context STC said the increased pace and concentration of the electronic attacks on websites and organizations in the world in general and the middle east in particular is what made STC launch this center. The center operates round the clock in monitoring and operating the largest telecom network in the middle east in terms of diverse technologies used to provide services or the multiple security systems in which STC invested for a decade. It is to be noted that STC is the first organization to win the ISO 9001:2008 in Data Center management in Saudi Arabia and the third in the Middle East ranking number one among the telecom operators in the Saudi market.

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