Apr 26, 2014

STC a strategic sponsor of Knowledge Economy Conference

On behalf of His Royal Highness Prince Saud AL Faisal, the Minister of Foreign Affairs His Royal Highness Prince Khalid AL Faisal Minister of Education and the Minister of Economy and Planning Dr. Mohammed AL Jasser honored STC for its strategic sponsorship “Knowledge based Economy and its role in national economy” Conference organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy and Planning and the UNDP at King Faisal Hall in Riyadh Intercontinental hotel last Thursday. Engineer Abdulaziz bin Abdullah AL Sugair Chairman and Managing Director of STC Group received the recognition shield. This sponsorship is out of STC role in supporting and promoting events and activities that contribute to the shift to the knowledge economy in a drive to support the national economy and bring about benefit to the local community by achievement of an overall national development. STC participated in the exhibition accompanying the event with a wing in which it highlighted its services and promotional offers especially those provided to the business sectors. His Royal Highness Prince Khalid bin Saud bin Khalid AL Saud Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and His Highness the Minister of Economy and Planning and a number of senior officials, diplomats and guest visited the wing of STC. Dr. Khalid AL Biyari STC Group Senior VP for Technology and Operations participated in the conference sessions by delivering a working paper that discussed the change Communications and Information Technology has brought about in terms of knowledge and its role in enriching it through employment of modern means of communication. It is worth mentioning that organizing this conference is out of the kingdom’s strategies and plans to move to the knowledge based economy and an emphasis of the consistent efforts to shift to knowledge economy as a strategic option of sustained development strategy, progress and innovation. A number of economic, CIT, innovation and investment as well as HR experts from inside and outside the kingdom participated in the conference. The main themes of the conference addressed “Research, innovation and investment in the fields of knowledge” and the role of communication and Information technology in Knowledge Economy”.

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