Sep 19, 2013

20 million customers shop freely with “Qitaf”

Qitaf offers its subscribers an upscale modern life via innovative services that reflect welfare and comfort to enjoy Qitaf excellence and uniqueness of offering shopping solutions through 37 partners representing over 3300 sale outlets spread across Saudi Arabia offering surprises lead by Qitaf program as a qualitative platform consistently offering new services via which more than 20 million customers deal with famous success partners involved with the program with agreements that aim at availing more sophistication and particularity through exclusive benefits solely designed for them. Qitaf program delivers an added value to the customer life by offering new channels that surpass the ceiling of their expectations since the launch of the program on 2004. Among these benefits is the possibility to redeem his Qitaf points for a range of telecom related rewards e.g. obtaining free SMS messages, free call minutes, free e-vouchers, transfer of Qitaf points to other customers as an exclusive service provided by STC. Qitaf program has become a distinct program of a special value for customers that raised the rapid growth of the program enrollment which confirms its remarkable success. This has provided several options of various services to customers and widened the span of their choices from different products via Qitaf e-vouchers that enable them enjoy shopping at no cost in the most popular local and international brands through over 150 brands spread across the kingdom. It is to be noted that customers can subscribe to Qitaf program by sending SMS message containing the number 1818 to 902 for prepaid customers or sending SMS message containing the number 201 to 902 for SAWA customers or calling on of Customer Service Offices spread across the kingdom or online via My STC portal through STC website:

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