Jun 20, 2013

Invision provides the most diverse world movies, series and programs at the home

STC has distinguished itself in front of its customers with the interactive TV service “Invision”; this has been done by providing rich entertainment experience through exclusive features that gives more household benefits and recreation. All this is done in addition to providing controls that enables watching, with family members, a diverse pack of objective high quality programs. Invision provides distinct entertainment that satisfies the needs and desires of the customers. Invision library contains the biggest and the most recent collection of Arabic, Indian and western movies. The service also enables enjoying watching more than one episode or film on a single screen by virtue of multi-display feature. Customers can visit Invision website www.Invision.com.sa and have a broader view of the program. STC has made unprecedented success in changing the concept of TV watching. It made a qualitative shift in the Saudi home by providing different encrypted channel bundles with high quality and efficiency via Invision device. The device contains more than 150 TV channels and equipped with the capability of putting the program on hold and watch later. It also features Video On Demand (VOD) service that offers a diverse library of religious and documentary programs and movies.

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