Sep 18, 2013

Call Screening service from STC promotes customer privacy

STC has offered its customers “Call Screening Service” in order to control incoming voice and video calls and SMS and MMS messages. The service enables postpaid,. Prepaid and Lana customers control all incoming calls by allowing calls from certain numbers or blocking certain numbers at specific times or permanently. The customer identifies the numbers he wants on the accept/reject list. “Call Screening Service” is one of Jawal services the help promoting the privacy of customers and blocking undesired calls at the times chosen by the customer or permanently. The service covers all types of communications e.g. voice, video, SMS and MMS which assists mobile customers in avoiding undesired and disturbing calls. Customers can activate the service either via My STC portal in STC website, by calling 902 or sending a text message with the number 8881 to 902. The customer can navigate in the accept/reject list (reject all except/accept all except) whenever he wishes. They can also activate or suspend the service without the need to reprogram the settings he did the first time against a service charge of only SAR10 per month without extra financial burden against activation or suspension of the service as many times possible during the subscription period.

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