Jun 09, 2013

STC continues linking residential compounds with fiber optic network (FTTH)

STC signed a cooperative agreement with the Arab Investment Company according to which the infrastructure supported with full smart telecom solutions would be implemented to cover a residential complex that belongs to the Arab Investment Company with FTTH network in order to provide a life and work environment that match the rapid pace of the information era worldwide. The agreement was signed by General Manager Home Sales, engineer Fahad bin Hamoud AL Ammaj on behalf of STC and Mr. Fahad bin Abduallh AL Haqbani the Director of Human Resources and Admin Affairs for the Arab Investment Company. Providing the residential complex with high quality internet services represents a technological platform through which STC would extend FTTH network via which it provides various service packages to customers. This would be possible by building a complete suite for delivering telecom services that are supported with state-of-art information technology. STC owns the resources that have the social and economic impact of moving its business customers into the knowledge economy especially as Saudi Arabia is undergoing tremendous development in this area. It is worth a mention that STC has signed comprehensive agreements with many other developers in the past to lay telecom service infrastructure in several residential complexes all over the kingdom to extend FTTH services.

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