Sep 24, 2013

STC renews warning of calls deluding customers of winning financial prizes

STC has renewed warning customers of illusive local and international calls from anonymous persons claiming that the customer has won a financial prize from the company. Such people would require the customer remit a credit to a certain number in order for him to receive the prize, send the number of a recharge voucher or disclose some personal information such as the credit transfer PIN, AC number or credit card number. STC has called on everybody who receives such messages to call the “800825” showing the calling number and he will be dealt with and tracked by concerned authorities . Engineer Nawaf bin Saad AL Shalani, GM of STC Corporate Communications said such calls of which STC warned before, are illusive and fraudulent calls and that customers must not disclose their personal information via telephone calls or SMS messages. AL Shalani noted that all STC promotional donation campaigns are announced clearly in the press and different media channels and winners of different large prizes and rewards are contacted their cell phones without asking them to transfer any monies nor furnishing any personal confidential information. It is worth mentioning that STC warning was a result of several reports it had received from some customers especially in this specific time of the year where contests and offers are provided by most organizations. These reports indicated that the customers have been subject to abuses by unknown caller who contacts the customer telling him that he has won a big financial prize putting forward financial requirements of the customer in order to get that illusive prize.

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