Sep 23, 2013

STC covers 76.1% of the kingdom with 4G LTE

STC continued augmenting its high speed 4G network coverage to confirm its excellence in delivering 4G services as it covers more than 76.1% of the kingdom. Thus STC becomes the biggest operator in terms of number of 4G network locations and coverage with the aim of providing high speeds of wireless internet of up to 100Megabit/s which reinforces the efficiency of its network being the provider of all telecom services in Saudi Arabia to include mobile, landline and data. STC seeks to strengthen and develop IT technology in the kingdom where more than 3500 terabytes of data daily through the biggest content localization systems via the largest international gateways in the region with a capacity of 500 gigabit/s. By this, it has achieved the leading position in terms of data traffic volume in the kingdom. STC manages more than 90% of the internet and data traffic volumes in Saudi Arabia as it connected to several marine cables which run eastwards and westwards, namely SMW4, SMW3, IMW, FLAG in addition to the new continental cable JADI built by the company in alliance with its strategic partners to provide more capacity and reliability and to provide backup capacities on alternative cables during external interruptions to avoid affecting the customer service. 4G compatible smart devices that support frequencies up to 1800 MHZ or 2300 MHz are effective with the network where they access this fast technology via smart devices available in the local market. It is to be noted that customers can activate the 4G LTE service at no cost by sending SMS message including the number 4466 to 902 and can deactivate the service by sending the code 4469 to 902. Customers can also call 902 or visit the nearest STC office for activation and cancellation.

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