Oct 02, 2013

STC offers pilgrims “SAWA Visit” with a Nokia cell phone for SAR 77

Within STC preparations for 1434H Hajj, it has reinforced its sales outlets big quantities of cards and cell phones. SAWA cards, SAWA Visit and recharge vouchers have been provided in all land, air and sea outlets and in the holy shrines, Makkah, Medina and Jeddah. The company also provided Nokia 105 cell phones with a SAWA Visit SIMs against SAR 77. SAWA Visit is a prepaid card that enables pilgrims during their short visit to the kingdom stay in contact with families and friends in the home countries throughout their visit for SAR 25 only with the first two minutes international calls and the first international SMS messages free of charge. It is worth mentioning that STC dedicates all resources and employ all expertise and national human capabilities throughout the year for the service of pilgrims in the season that sees congestion of outgoing and outgoing calls transmitted by the network the fact that necessitates augmenting the capacities so that these calls could be made without interruption and pilgrims can enjoy the best coverage in the kingdom.

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