Jul 20, 2013

STC provides SAWA and SAWA Visit at all outlets

STC has supplied land, air and marine outlets with huge amounts of SAWA and SAWA Visit SIM cards and recharge vouchers as well as the offices operating round the clock in Makkah, Medina and Jeddah in order to meet the usual demand on prepaid SIM cards in Ramadn. SAWA Visit is a prepaid SIM that enables visitors of the holy shrines during their short visits to the kingdom stay in touch with their families and friends back home throughout their stay for only SAR 25 with a credit of SAR25 in addition to a 40% discount when calling the favorite international number that they have selected. They are also offered the first two international call minutes and the first two international text messages free of charge. It is worth mentioning that STC harnesses all the resources and utilizes all human expertise and talents to work during this season that witnesses a congestion of calls made through the network the fact that increasing the network capacity in order to pass those calls without interruption and have Umrah performers entertain the best coverage in the kingdom.

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