Dec 04, 2013

STC announces the launch of its new "Sawa 10x" offer

In line with STC's continuous efforts to offer its customers the latest products and services, it recently launched the "Sawa 10x" offer for Sawa customers. The offer gives customers 10 times their credit, which means they receive SR 200 worth of credit when they pay SR 20. STC aims to meet its customers’ interests and needs by providing attractive offers and facilitating the widest coverage. Sawa users will be able to subscribe by sending the code 7005 in an SMS to 902. To receive 10 times the credit they paid for by getting SR 200 worth of credit instead of SR 20, the subscription fee will be deducted. Then customers can use the credit for calls within STC network and data for one week starting from the activation date. The launch of "Sawa 10x" supports the company's customer-oriented strategy and aim to provide the best services at the best rates within a new and advanced network. This offer is in line with the company’s ongoing efforts to meet its customers’ needs and always provide attractive and unparalleled offers, enabling customers to enjoy innovative services with the best and widest coverage in the Kingdom.

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