May 16, 2014

Qitaf from STC includes Patchi to the success partners

STC signed a new partnership agreement with Almotahedon Saudi Company (Patchi) to be included to the success partners in Qitaf program. Patchi produces the most unique chocolate in the world and hasmore than 60 branches in the Kingdom. the agreement confirms how STC is concerned to provide the best choices to the customers from Qitaf points to meet their expectations and needs. This comes by selection the best brands that represent a real addition to the Qitaf, andcontribute effectively to achieve tangible benefits for customers who seekexcellence. in addition, Patchi would give STC customers the availability and diversification of options to choosepartners from various fields, and expandtheir choices of different products. Almotahedon is considered as the best destination of chocolate gifts and it is one of the chocolate industry leader. Patchi also provide many products that meet the customers' expectations. Finally, Patchi is one of the best-selling chocolate in the Kingdom through its branches spread around in Saudi Arabia

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