Nov 24, 2013

Mayo Clinic application from STC offers daily medical advice to customers.

At STC, our commitment to providing e-health services has led to the development of the high-quality ‘Mayo Clinic’ app – a mobile service tailored to family needs and operated in partnership with a leading US university hospital, the Mayo Clinic. This service offers years of experience in medicine and scientific research and provides health advice, as well as keeping customers informed on medical news and state-of-the-art scientific research. ‘Your Health with Mayo Clinic’ caters for the psychological and physical health of all family members, offers daily advice according to each user’s interests and delivers health articles to subscribers, based on their medical profile. The application also enables subscribers to communicate and share their health experiences with others through a ‘chat’ section or by adding comments to posts. The application offers a variety of services that meet the daily needs of anyone who seeks a better health for himself and his family, via different sections of the application, including: Hearing protection, diabetes, healthy eating, laziness and ‘technology’ disease, gum health and dental implants, child development and parenting, skincare, nailcare and haircare. There are also monthly features: home medication, physical fitness, obesity solutions, psychological health and life issues, pregnancy and maternity, male sexual health, female health, asthma and the respiratory system. You can subscribe to information channels by sending a blank SMS to the number 800858. You will receive the channel list and can decide which you wish to subscribe to. Then simply forward the channel number to 800858 to subscribe, at a cost of SAR 3 per week. You can download the Mayo Clinic application itself for 65 Halalas per day by clicking on this link:

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