Jun 16, 2013

STC continues offering Jood “5*5”

STC continues offering “5*5” from Jood till June 22. This offer witnessed an outstanding reaction from existing and new customers as it offers distinct bundles with high data speeds of up to 40 megabyte/s for only SAR5 daily upon installation of any of (Jood 2 or Jood3) bundles. The offer provides internet speeds of 4 megabyte/s and 20 megabyte/s for (Jood 2 bundle) and 40 megabyte/s for (Jood3 bundle) at minimal cost. This allows customers an added economic value that saves SAR 179 monthly when subscribing to 40 megabyte/s Jood3 bundle. Jood saving bundles have been designed to fit different customer desires and usages via a special range of speeds. These include unlimited telephone calls, high speed internet and advanced Interactive TV “Invision” with smart features that enable watching TV programs and channels with the capability of controlling the programs you want to watch. Customers can get one of Jood bundles by calling 907 or visiting My STC website or one of STC CSOs spread all over the kingdom. This would strengthen the trust of STC customers and allows it to continue its endeavors to bring about the needs of the changing modern life through an infrastructure that has provided effective tools that broadened the customer choice.

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