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Jood 10 mega offers 80% discount with a SAR 200 voucher
Saudi News Jul 07, 2014
STC continues providing its distinct offer that allowed customers obtain 10 mega Jood2 and Jood3 with a two months discount of up to 80% making the two-months subscription charge SAR80 in addition to a SAR200 voucher from SONY in line with its campaign (Nothing interrupts your way with internet from STC) and meeting the desires of its customers of accessing household internet for competitive prices. STC allowed customers the flexibility of choosing various Jood2 speeds starting from 10 mega up to 200 mega as well as making unlimited calls to fixed telephones inside the kingdom. This is further to Jood3 that provides interactive TV service (Invision) that includes several channels, programs and new movies in addition to the internet and free calls to any telephone in the kingdom. Customers can obtain the new offer by calling 907 or visiting STC website or one of the customer service offices spread across the kingdom.