Oct 27, 2013

Jarir Bookstore joins STC Qitaf success partners

STC signed a new partnership agreement with Jarir Bookstore adding the latter to STC Qitaf program success partners. STC VP for Home sector and chairman of the higher customer retention committee engineer Mizyad AL Harbi singed on befalf of STC and Mr. Nasser AL Uqail Jarir CEO for Operations signed for Jarir. This new agreement assures STC customers of STC concern for providing the best choices of using Qitaf points in a way that matches their aspirations and meets their needs. STC is keen to select the most renowned and best success partners who make a true addition to the program and actively contribute to realizing its objectives of delivering services that render substantial gains for customers who represent the central focus and appreciation of STC by diversifying customer choices by choosing partners from different fields which ensures widening their options of selecting from a variety of products. Jarir is one of the leading organizations in modern electronics and stationary rather than its role in disseminating knowledge form all over the world via Jarir releases which are the best – selling books in the world. Jarir also is one of the most renowned organizations that offer various educational aids for different levels of education through its 32 showrooms spread in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. STC Gitaf program is the biggest loyalty and customer recognition programs in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in terms of the number of subscribers and program success partners. It was able to occupy the forefront among loyalty and customer retention programs in the world after its unprecedented success in attracting around 20 million customers and 26 strategic partners who own over 120 world and national brands and more than 3000 sale outlets covering the kingdom and the globe in different fields. Qitaf program offers an added value to the lives of customers by availing new channels that exceed their expectations since its launch in 2004. Among these benefits is the ability to redeem Qitaf points for a range of rewards related to STC services as the program has become a unique program of a special value for customers that raised the increasing enrollment growth rate. It offers multiple options of various services to customers and widens their choices from different products through Qitaf e-vouchers that allow them shop free from the most famous local and international brands.

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