Dec 12, 2013

Invision offers Aljazeera Sport bundles at no cost for 3 months with Jood

STC has offered its InVision subscribers Aljazeera Sport bundles. This allows viewers and fans follow up the spheres of excitement and enthusiasm and watch the strongest world leagues (Italian, English and Spanish leagues) as well as European championship and other championships. Aljazeera Sport bundles includes Aljazeera basic bundles from Jazeera +1 to Jazeera +8 in addition to ALkas channel 1 and 2. However, Aljazeera inclusive bundle contains +9, +10, HD1 to HD6 in addition to Fox and NBA channels. The service offers customers three months free subscription upon subscribing to Jood3 bundle. It is worth mentioning that STC made great success in changing TV watching concept and made a qualitative move in the Saudi household choices of TV watching by offering all encrypted channels with high quality and efficiency via Invision which contains over 150 TV channels. It also features the capability of suspending the program to watch it later, video on demand service (VOD), advanced interactive services (You Tube), family control and reception of satellite broadcast. The customer can request the service by calling 907 call center or visiting Invision website or My STC portal, or visiting any customer service office.

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