Feb 01, 2014

80% increase in wireless broadband service revenues from STC in 2013

STC made a increase in data traffic via smart and mobile phones supported with a wide coverage of 3G and 4G networks across the kingdom and the continued 4G deployed in the kingdom. This excellence was accompanied with delivery of appropriate services to the customers along provision of sophisticated smart devices. This important role of STC contributed to the deployment of broadband services and clearly reflected on the financial results announced lately where broadband service revenues went up by more than 200% compared to the same period in 2012 and increased by 80% in 2013 compared to the previous year. STC continued in last year and early this year offering distinct services that encourage increased usage of various mobile services. This increase was due to a number of factors the most important of which STC strategy based on enhancing and enriching the customer experience and continuing delivery of quality services and new offerings that meet their needs as well as increased investment in development of the wireless network infrastructure. The real and new offers provided by STC to SAWA postpaid customers during the last months and that will continue this year, have contributed to the growth of the company’s services and increased the acceptance of customers. They also attracted new customers from different segments of the community especially STC networks support advanced applications used by a large number of smart mobile phone users in the kingdom.

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