Nov 12, 2013

STC offers solutions to increase household Wi-Fi signal coverage

STC has launched solutions to augment household Wi-Fi signal coverage for household broadband customers to solve their current problems in Wi-Fi coverage in their premises. It has mobilized professional teams to visit & inspect the customer home Wi-Fi coverage and propese to him install the service and provide customer with different Wi-Fi devices to enable all family members to use & enjoy the Wi-Fi coverage regardless of the size of the household.

STC offer four different devices to strengthen the signal based on customers’ needs as follows:
Device Features Price Price of devise on 12 months installment basis
Wireless Power Line
  • Without cable extensions
  • Signal is transmitted once plugged to power
SAR 599 54 SAR
wireless Repeater
  • Without cable extensions
  • Signal is transmitted once plugged to power
  • The device is usable in case of more than one circuit breaker
SAR 429 39 SAR
wireless Access Point
  • Features strong and stable signal
419 SAR 38 SAR
wireless smart Wi-Fi AC Technology
  • Features strong and stable signal
  • Supports multimedia applications
959 SAR 86 SAR

STC launched the Wi-Fi Home service to enable Broadband customer to enjoy its high speed in Jood packages that offers different speeds up to 200 mbps. STC secures after-sale services & support for the subscriber’s for all the different Wi-Fi devices. Customers can obtain the service by calling 907 or 906 or visiting one of STC Customer Service Offices which are spread all over the kingdom.

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