Sep 02, 2013

Governor of Makkah honors STC for its partnership in the national pilgrim awareness campaign.

HRH Prince Khaled AL Faisal, Governor of Makkah and Chairman of Hajj Central Committee honored STC for its support of the national pilgrim awareness campaign 1434H being the supporting partner of the campaign, in a ceremony at the emirate headquarters in Makkah. Engineer Hassan bin Abdulrahman AL Shiekh Acting GM of STC Corporate Communications received the honorary shield from HRH. STC expressed its great pride of this recognition of the Makkah governor who stressed encouragement of STC outstanding work and prominent effort in serving the pilgrims and organizations serving them and official government authorities by laying an infrastructure that is supported with the latest telecom technology in the world via fiber optic network, 4G technology and its presence in all locations visited by pilgrims and those they come through at land, sea and air ports and the shrines. It is to be noted that STC sponsorship of the pilgrim awareness campaign comes out of its dedication to its social responsibility as a national organization that has harnessed all its technical, human and material facilities to the supreme goal; namely serving the pilgrims especially the campaign aims at educating them in the holy country during Hajj and Umrah seasons.

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