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STC meets disabled customers’ needs
Saudi News Oct 28, 2013

STC has added a special tone in SADA portal for disabled customers who suffer of hearing problems. The tone is available at no cost in SADA portal with this audio content: “Due to my hearing disability, please communicate with me via SMS or video calls” SADA service features a wide range of ringing tones of more than 65 thousands. They include free tones with several languages namely Arabic, English, Pakistani, Filipino, Bangladeshi and with broader horizon giving the customer the chance to choose from that range according to his taste. The service is activated by sending the code 1616 to 902 in a text message or by calling 902 and ask for activation of service and hence call 1616 and select the preferred tone. The customer can dedicate a ring tone to a person or a group of people as he wishes provided that customers can use SADA service during roaming without extra cost. They can use SADA website to download the ringing tones at their utmost convenience. It is to be noted that adding that tone is a response to a request by a female customer who suffers of hearing problems and an initiative that ensures the concern and commitment of STC to integrate the disabled in the community by informing them of new telecom services in a way that satisfy their needs to use them in the optimum manner under the increased importance of modern means of communications.