Sep 20, 2012

offers “Student Key” with new features

Riyadh, KSA, September, 2012; In line with STC’s commitment to students and their needs, the company has introduced new savings through the “Student Key”. New savings were introduced to the Student Key, which features a free monthly subscription to Easy Plus post-paid package, in addition to setting fees at 20 Halalas per minute of voice calls, 10 Halalas/SMS among Student Key subscribers, 30% discount on all Internet bundles, 10% discount on the monthly BlackBerry subscription fees, and a 50% discount on monthly fees for “My Club Key”. Customers establishing a new Student Key, or transferring from pre-paid to post-paid receive a special deal when activating the key, which includes free establishment of the service and 900 free voice call minute within STC’s network and for 3 months. At the end of each school year, STC offers students with academic achievements the freedom to choose one of many valuable gifts. Student subscribers in the Student Key also enjoy special offers on Quick Net bundles, as they can get the 2GB bundle for SR70 instead of the regular price at SR100, 5GB bundle for SR140 instead of the regular price at SR200, and unlimited internet at SR245 instead of SR350. It is worth mentioning that the activation of Student Key is only available for post-paid customers or for those who upgrade from SAWA or Lana into a post-paid line, then activating the Student Key by visiting one of STC’s customer-care centers, available throughout the Kingdom.

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