Aug 21, 2012

“Invision” takes its customers to the 2012 Spanish Super Cup

Riyadh, KSA, August 2012; STC prepares to air the 2012 Spanish soccer season, beginning with the Spanish Super games (2-way) between Real Madrid and Barchelona which will be held on the 22nd and 29th of August consecutively. Invision will also broadcast the “Classico” games which are held afterwards. STC’s Invision service has dominated the local and regional sport coverage, often providing exclusive coverage that soccer fans love. Invision has a variety of packages, including a new package that contains the most popular sport channels such as Al-Jazeera Sports, Abu Dhabi Sports, and others, that come together in an interactive device that gives customers exclusive features such as controlling their own show time and watching what they want, anytime they want. By continuously offering superior service, STC’s Invision has become a digital platform that revolutionized the concepts and methods of TV viewership through a variety of packages that offer the best international sport events, in addition to dramas, TV series, religious programs, and more exclusive programs in more than 150 channels that enrich the customer’s life. It is worth mentioning that STC offers the exclusive “Jood” packages with Invision’s services, presenting a content with a multitude of programs and different genres, such as documentaries, religious programs, sport programs and entertainment, in addition to high speed internet that go up to 200MB/sec; all of these features in one device, one bill, and one fixed monthly subscription.

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