Sep 07, 2013

STC honors outstanding employees

STC Vice President of Human Resources, Mr. Saud AL Shammari honored at company Head Office in King Abdulaziz Telecom Complex, Riyadh 196 top performing employees from different functions in the kingdom in recognition for their active contributions and an appreciation of their dynamic role in consolidating the remarkable and distinguished position of the company and their clear imprints in laying the mechanisms that guarantee delivering the most sophisticated service to customers. AL Shammari expressed his happiness for recognizing a group of outstanding employees who made valuable inputs to the organizational performance and accelerating excellence journey of enhancing the company businesses and the service offered to the customers which was reflected on the consecutive achievements made in the last few years. AL Shammari added this recognition comes out of STC concern about its employee so as to stoke the spirit of real competition which would lead to doubling the efforts of customer service and is a touch of loyalty by STC to top performers and give back to all who were sincere in the past period that represents a dynamic stage in an era of accelerating pace that requires all of us double our efforts with the spirit of one team so as to cope with the tremendous technical progress and continue the march of successes and accomplishments. The human element is the main pillar on which the company relies in achieving its goals and objectives that fact that emphasizes the magnitude of the responsibility of STC staff. The honored employees received the recognition shields and gifts wishing them continued success and call on them to exert more efforts and dedication to work.

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