Jul 16, 2013

STC provides an advanced training environment for 771 students

STC executes the summer training program for Saudi students this year 1434H for two months to train them and give them the skills that qualify them for the labor market. This training is supervised by Saudi managerial experts which will provide students with an amount of modern knowledge in a company in the size of STC operating according to the most recent systems. In this context, the VP of Human Resources, Mr. Saud AL Shammari noted that the support offered by STC to young Saudi talents in the labor market, makes it the preferred employer by a lot of potential employees when they have to choose between employers. He indicated STC plays a significant role in enriching its leading role noting its ability to create the meaning of work through its commitment to attract students in order to utilize their times in useful things, train them and inculcate work culture so as to improve their careers in diverse paths in addition to the financial reward granted to them. It is to be noted that STC gives great attention to its social involvement in order to allow students the opportunity to utilize their time in useful and productive things through on job training.

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