Jul 13, 2013

“SAWA” continues “200 credit” for SAR 20

STC continues its offer of SAR 200 credit for only 20 Saudi Riyals from SAWA for one month starting from July 11 to August 11 2013. All SAWA subscribers can use the offer by just sending the code 7005 via SMS text message to 902 to get SAR 200 extra credit for only SAR 20 (subscription charges) to be deducted from the customer’s balance. Customers can use the credit for calls inside STC network and internet usage within one week from the activation date. During the last 10 years, journey of SAWA – the prepaid card- passed along promising stations that rested on a strategy that resulted in building a relationship that won the content and respect of customers. It has provided various choices and permanent features in a step that took customers to a new phase through which SAWA modeled “prepaid lines” concept as an addition to mobile communications market, the fact that was clearly reflected on the penetration, availability and pricing of the service in a way in which excellence, transparency and assuring the loyalty of customers predominated.

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