Jul 14, 2013

STC allows its customers free subscription in SADA service in Ramadan

STC offered its customers free one month subscription in SADA service in the period from July 9 through August 7 2013. This will involve providing a number of religious options for Ramadan that include sections with voices of famous readers, prayers, various supplications that match this holy month. In coincidence with spiritual atmospheres lived by Muslims in the holy days of Ramadan, SADA new subscribers can now get one month free subscription and existing and new subscribers can get SADA tones at no cost during the offer period. SADA service features a wide range of different ring tones which exceed 65 thousands tones that include free tones in different languages namely Arabic, English, Hindi, Pakistani, Filipino and Bengal. They also come with wide span options giving the customer the choice of preference between that group according to his taste. Service is activated by sending 1616 to 902 or calling 902 and request activation of service and hence contact 1616 and select the preferred tones. There is also the capability of assigning a tone to a person or a group of persons as the customer wishes. Another feature that makes SADA service special is that you can use it while on international roaming without extra cost and SADA website www.sada.net.sa could be used for download of tones easily. STC also allowed the possibility of copying tones in case the customer wishes to replace his tones with a tone with another subscriber. Furthermore, it is now possible to exchange tones among subscribers and only the tone giver pays the value of the content.

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