Jun 05, 2013

STC launches Call Receive bundle during holidays for only one Saudi Riyal daily

STC has launched incoming call bundle during holidays for international roaming for postpaid mobile customers which applies to all networks and in all countries. The offer covers end of school year, Ramadan Holidays, National Day, Hajj Holidays, and school half-year holidays. This bundle enables customers to receive unlimited calls when they are on the move in all countries of the world for a reduced price of only one Saudi Riyal a day. Customer can subscribe to this bundle by just sending the code 6328 in SMS message to 902. To cancel the service just sent the code 6329 in a text message to 902 or calling a customer care center. Offering this bundle is an addition to the bundle STC launched before for Saudis on scholarship abroad and is in line with STC keenness and constant concern for providing the best services to roaming customers. STC customers enjoy many features while they are roaming outside Saudi Arabia since STC is the sole operator that enables its customers call 902 call center at no cost during roaming. Furthermore, basic BlackBerry bundle subscribers get 5 megabyte free internet access during roaming. Also, subscribers of any iPhone bundle get 10 megabyte free internet service and SAWA prepaid subscribers enjoy the flexibility of using VIVA Bahrain and Kuwait recharge cards as if they were in Saudi Arabia.

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