Aug 01, 2013

Qitaf shares its customers the joy of Eid with (Anoush)

In celebration of Eid AL Fitr advent, STC has launched (Qitaf & Anoush) campaign that enables STC Qitaf subscribers get a variety of luxury chocolate of different kinds at no cost. This is obtained by redeeming Qitaf points for instant purchase vouchers issued directly via e-vouchers equipment available at all Anoush sales points all over the kingdom on Friday August 2 where the subscriber gets double the financial value of the redeemed points at Anoush. Upon redemption of 500 points which worth SAR100 the customer gets the value of SAR200. Upon redemption of 1500 points he gets the value of SAR600 according to the customer Qitaf class. The offer is obtained by sending the code 1666 in a text message to 902. The launch of (Qitaf & Anoush) campaign is a confirmation of STC concern for Qitaf subscribers and its constant keenness to share them the joy of Eid by allowing them the chance of getting their needs from the products of the success partner (Anoush) which is one of the most sophisticated stores specialized in sweets Mamoul of different kinds free of charge making the joy of Eid double. The campaign is also a consolidation of Qitaf program role of offering multiple choices of different service to customers that meet their aspirations and expectations. It is to be noted that all STC customer can subscribe to Qitaf program by just sending the code 1818 in a text message to 902 or by calling 907 or visiting STC website My STC. They can register in the purchase e-voucher system by sending the code 1666 in a text message to 902.

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