Jun 06, 2013

STC campaign for “Modern Home” experience with JOOD arrives in Riyadh

STC campaign for familiarization of the services provided by JOOD high-speed bundles arrives in Riyadh following the distinct success it made in Jeddah. The campaign features a group of recreational and educational activities planned to start Saturday June 8, 2013 and lasts for 3 days at Panorama Mall and will move over to Riyadh Gallery June 12, 2013. The campaign provides a live experience that simulates the customer modern smart environment via a stand that represents a house model containing digital telecom services that provide added value and welfare. Customers will be able to touch the desired reality by experiencing these solutions via interactive TV and Triple Play operating systems. They will also enjoy real internet speeds provided by STC by virtue of JOOD bundles that translate the language of the technological era into new multimedia services and bundles to customers in a way that keep pace the overall changes in the telecom sector affecting the different customer technical needs. The launch of this campaign is out of STC concern of adopting a novel technological world that simulates customer aspirations of moving to the ideal interactive household style taking them towards the future that enables them realize their needs by getting high speed super services of browsing and data transmission. STC is keen to create all the means of building a smart infrastructure that would boosts their usage of multi-application technical solutions in the area of broadband and FTTH. This would set ambitious steps that exceed their expectations and strengthens its relations with its customer base – the broadest in the region.

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