Apr 16, 2013

STC arranges for a strategic Relation with” Linkedin”

STC has signed an agreement with “Linkedin” – the professional social communication network- to provide a professional platform that rests on business standards provided by Linkedin based on interactive and flexible content with features that enable STC obtain an integrated database to attract distinct expertise in different disciplines that boosts and enhances the efficiency of operations and makes it an important center of creative talents that innovate integrated new telecom solutions with effective tools that depend on both speed and precision to develop “real” interaction of the “virtual” communication community with STC users. This will be effected via its recruitment webpage on LinkedIn . The agreement will also allow STC to publish awareness and marketing messages about its exclusive services directly on the webpages of its employees which would increase the rate of interaction with its wider customer base with which it communicates in Linkedin especially it is playing a significant role in the transfer of the most recent world expertise in customer service area which supports development of competitive edge of its services in the way that meets customer aspirations.

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