Aug 15, 2012

STC offers 50% discount on outbound calls to Indonesia

Riyadh, KSA August 2012; STC announced that it will be offering a 50% discount on all outbound calls, SMS and MMS to Indonesia on Friday, the 17th of August, which corresponds to Indonesia’s national day. The offer, a gift from STC, will be valid 24 hours for the duration of the day, and is available for postpaid, SAWA, and Lana customers. With this offer, STC aims to promote social bonding and communication between families and loved ones in their home countries, at discounted rates. Through this initiative, STC is ensuring Indonesian expatriates and customers are able to communicate with their loved ones back home to celebrate their national day, at exclusive, discounted rates, powered by STC’s international gate which employs the latest technologies in its networks to ensure customers enjoy smooth calls to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is worth mentioning that STC always strives to present similar “national day” offers to countries that have a significant community living in the KSA. The initiative comes in line with the company’s commitment to providing exceptional services with excellent quality that live up to customer expectation and to the company’s name and position as the top leading telecom service provider in the region.

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