May 02, 2013

STC Launches Bundle Offer for Incoming Calls for Foreign Scholarship Students

STC launched the Incoming Call bundle for students availing scholarships in foreign countries and using postpaid services. Customers availing the Custodian of Two Holy Mosques Foreign Scholarship can access the list of countries through the international roaming page on STC website This bundle provides unlimited incoming calls, at a discounted rate of SR 30 monthly or “one riyal per day”. In addition, STC will launch tailored bundles for vacations, close to schools’ vacation. Customers can subscribe to the bundle by sending code 4141 through SMS to 902, and for cancelling, send 4149 to 902 or, by calling customer care center 902, for subscription or cancelling. STC customers enjoy many privileges, during their roaming abroad; customers can call customer care center “902” for free during roaming, subscribers of main Blackberry bundle get up to 5 megabyte free internet and subscribers to any of iPhone bundles, get up to 10 megabyte free internet during roaming. In addition SAWA prepaid customers can recharge using using VIVA recharging cards in Bahrain and Kuwait, just like they can in the kingdom.

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