May 16, 2013

STC enriches the life of customers with Multimedia services

STC continues enriching the life of its customers with multimedia services by carefully exploring every effective tool that would exceed their expectations in order to reflect the technological advancement into new services and packages of multimedia. This affects all customer technological needs by providing an added value that ensures delivery of audio- visual and readable content as well as interactive applications. Among these applications is the IPTV “Invision” which is an advanced interactive TV service that provides high definition TV channels with several unique and exclusive features such as (video on demand). This feature delivers the most recent movies and TV series with the capability of suspending the direct broadcast and record favorite programs, browsing and watching YouTube. It also includes the advanced family control capability that enables the customer to make a special file for each family member listing the channels and programs that are allowed to be watched as well as the ability to display program and video timetable. The customer can also buy movie and series content by activating prepaid payment service “SAWA” and possibility of portioning the screen to enjoy watching 6 different channels at the same time. This is further to SVOD service which includes three plans (SVOD children, SVOD movies, and SVOD series). Invision subscribers can, via OTT technology “My Invision”, browse movies and TV series on their smart devices anywhere. It also enables the customer rent movies from the video library on demand and watch films in SVOD movies plan. STC has provided m3com interactive portal ( – an online portal to internet customers that contains many new and special services. It has been designed with a youthful and agile spirit to fit all family members’ needs. It matches your aspirations and includes everything you wish to see on the internet and more. The portal address is: through which diverse integrated content is provided. The most important of these are: Islam channel, women channel, sports channel, health channel and economics today. They provide special interactive services such as message service, English Attack service, family tree service, e- learning service, your advisor service and special number service.

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