Jun 03, 2013

STC enhance its GSM Network (SGMN)

STC has reinforced its world network by extending, building and operating PoPs in a number of the neighboring countries e.g. Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and Djibouti at the regional level, and in UK, Singapore and India at the international level. With the expansion of its world network STC aims at the integration of its international services and extension to all countries in the region and worldwide in order to satisfy the needs of local and world carriers and operators, business customers, internet and data service providers as well as world companies operating in the Middle East and elsewhere and enable them communicate with their branch offices in the region and worldwide to facilitate their economic and marketing goals and the growth and development of their businesses. Establishing the first phase of this expansion was accomplished via strategic partnerships with operators in those countries including VIVA Bahrain, Qtel Qatar, QualityNet Kuwait, Du in UAE, Mada in Jordan, and Djibouti Telecom in Djibouti at the regional level. On the international level, the strategic partnership were made with Aircel on India and presence in large telecom firms in London and Singapore. STC intends to achieve integration of its facilities and linking its national and international networks to promote its infrastructure and realize the synergy with the networks provided by those companies in their respective countries to serve all customers and provide high quality service through an integrated network to cover those countries and the rest countries in the world leveraging its leading position as a strategic choice for its customers at all levels. It also makes the optimum and ideal choice for large world companies to operate in the region as its global network contains two national and international transit internet service provision centers (IGNet) in Riyadh and Jeddah in addition to primary and backup loop links all over the kingdom that ensure service continuity. There are 11 direct loop links and more than 50 indirect link loops between point links in cities and borders points with the neighboring countries. Saudi Arabia is linked with all the neighboring countries via terrestrial fiber optic cable links and more than one route with each country to ensure complete protection for these routes. It is also one of the large proprietors and investors of international capacities of the marine cables passing through the region e.g. SEA ME WE 4, IMEWE, EIG – the Indian – European gateway and a number of other world submarine cables extended along the Arabia Gulf and those extended across the Atlantic ocean and the terrestrial network in Europe. This further to EASSY cable linking Jeddah with East African countries and Saudi Arabia – Sudan Cable (SAS1). STC also owns the biggest digital multi-purpose data network (MPLS) in the Middle East and North Africa. It’s the widest coverage of this network worldwide via its strategic partnerships with large leading world companies in the area of IPVPN networks via MPLS networks spread over 950 cities all over the world. Beside all this STC is involved in a number of initiatives and projects for cooperation with leading ICT, content and internet companies.

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