Jul 12, 2013

STC reinforces religious services by “Deini Yaqeeni”

STC consolidated the religious services by exclusive cooperation with a number of their eminencies the scholars to serve the company customers and contribute to their awareness by religious counseling, advisory opinions, Islamic chants, prophet proverbs as well as news and providing different recitations of Quran by the voices of several famous readers. All this would be done via the religious services application “Deini Yaqeeni” that could downloaded on the smart device operating systems equipped with Android, IPhone, IPad, BlackBerry and other devices in order to deliver the richest religious content ever. The Islamic services portal contains Prophet of Mercy Jawal, Sheikh bin Baz Jawal, Sheikh Othaimeen Jawal, Sheikh bin Jibreen Jawal, Sheikh Tantawi Jawal, AL Rasikhoun Channel of Shiekh Saleh AL Maghamsi and many channels and bundles which are rich with information and religious provisions.. STC supported these channels with the intent of providing a complete interactive Islamic library to its customers within a range of channels and religious messages. To be able to draw from this spiritual source, the customer can send a text message at no cost containing the number 1000 to 5000 to receive the application download link which will enable him view what is new in the Islamic services website and help him subscribe to any of the selected services and get a series of free useful Islamic services and news. STC has taken this step in conjunction with a number of their eminencies the scholars in order to achieve a kind of effective cooperation in delivering what would promote the society and make for building it in a proper religious manner that immunes it against alien information and protects it from the danger of non-optimal use of modern technological means. STC has identified MMS and SMS messages for interaction with these channels.

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