May 17, 2013

STC Tops the list of companies with highest impact in social Networking channels in Saudi Arabia

STC achieved advanced positions in the competitive social Networking platforms to prove its constant adoption of new and modern methods of customer interaction. The number of views on its channel on the You Tube exceeded 10 million views. This channel provides customers with illustrations about its latest communication technologies that are based on professional standards conveying the objective message to the customers in a sophisticated and organized manner. STC topped the list of the 100 brands on Facebook in Saudi Arabia with more than 915,000 fans and headed the list of channels with most impact through Twitter with more than 600,000 followers. STC understands and values the need to ensure direct two way interaction with its customer through the biggest group of Social Networking platforms by continuous update of content. Content is selected in a way to enhance interaction through active campaigns that are important to society and assume the role of spreading awareness via educational tools. In this context Eng. Nawaaf bin Saad AL Shalani, GM of Corporate Communications said; “Content is increasingly being seen as a corner stone of social Networking platforms. It is also a compass that defines interaction with the customer base and needs to cater for diversity in terms of concept and method of delivery. STC is embracing social communication platforms that consolidate its virtual e- strategy of communicating its mission to targeted audience successfully and effectively so to improve the chance of consolidating relations with customers.

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