Jun 30, 2013

Business Jawal Flex customers: The service increased our interaction with our staff and helped us achieve our sale targets

A big number of the executives in the Saudi business sector applauded the most recent business bundles in the kingdom (Business Jawal Flex 50 , Flex 100 and Flex 150). This bundles were intended by STC to support its private and government customers to give them more flexibility and ability to control the monthly expenses of the firm. Business Jawal Flex bundles offer a credit equal to the value of the bundle (SAR 50 for Flex 50, SAR 100 for Flex 100 and SAR 150 for Flex 150) without monthly subscription charges. Balance recharge is possible via SAWA recharge cards available in the market. Engineer Khalid Bayoumi, manager of IT in AL Amanah Technology said about the service: “Business Jawal Flex is a distinct business service that contributed to the growth of our businesses with increased inter- team communication where we noticed an increase in the productivity of our staff and their performance. Mr. Saleh Haidan from Circon Contracting emphasized that their organization uses Flex Business service that is one of the most modern bundles from STC. He indicated they have an intention to expand their usage of the service with the expansion of their business especially they work in the contracting sector which requires a constant need to communicate with each other the fact that is positively reflected on the quality of business and timely achievement. The business woman, Munairah AL Khaldi, who manages a business firm and employs a number of employees using Flex mobiles of different categories offered by STC, said: “The service has really enabled us to make savings in our periodic bills paid from the firm’s account due to the nature of our business that requires more on-line communication between our staff and on a greater scale with our clients. Mr. Thamer Sulaiman, an official of My Car Company in Riyadh, officials, cited the importance of Jawal Flex in terms of sales impact saying: “We are operating in car sales where we need communication and marketing of our new products of different car models. Thus, I can assure you that we benefited from Business Jawal Flex service which saved a lot of our bill costs. It really assists us in the growth of our business and enhances the company sales. In this context, Eng. Mohammed bin Nasser AL Jasser, STC EBU VP said: “We are determined to continue delivering a wide range of technology solutions in many sectors that meet the needs of a large segment of customers in all business sectors in the kingdom. We intend to create modern technical applications offering sophisticated technological solutions that satisfy all the needs of different business sectors to contribute to the promotion of development and construction and creation of a strong investment climate and economic medium in different directions”. AL Jasser added “The service enables the customer recharge via SAWA cards available in the market after he has exhausted the monthly balance which helps him control expenses and credit limits of employees in an easy, practical flexible way with a wide range of options as required. It is to be noted that the service can be requested by calling 909 which delivers round the clock, or visiting the new Business Sector Center in Riyadh, Jeddah and Khobar where the experts there are honored to entertain representatives of organizations and provide full solutions that fit the size of their businesses.

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