Mawjood Extra
Mawjood Extra
Mawjood Extra service price is SR8

With this service, you can benefit from the additional feature of receiving an SMS with the details of all your missed calls when your line was busy or in case you diverted your calls to a Mawjood service number.

  • Activation

  • Get details about the calls you missed while your mobile was out of coverage.
    Don't lose any call while your mobile is out of reach.

  • Fees

  • Monthly subscription: SR8.
  • Activation

  • Divert To activate To deactivate
    (Activation/Deactivation) service 1520 to 900 1521 to 900
    When your mobile is switched off or out of reach *62*4000# #62#
    When your mobile is busy *67*4000# #67#
    When your mobile line is diverted *21*4000# #21#

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