Call Completion
Call Completion
Call Completion service price is free

With Call Completion, you can organize all your incoming calls when your mobile is switched off, out of coverage, your line is busy or in case you didn't answer the call.

  • Features

  • When your mobile is busy, switched off, or out of coverage, the caller will listen to the following options:

    You will receive an SMS notification once your line is free.
    Automatic Call Back to the caller once your line is free.
    Leaving a voice message in your mailbox.
    If no option selected by the caller, the service will automatically send you an SMS notification.
  • Activation

  • Situation Activation Code Deactivation Code
    Switched off or out of reach *62*5500# #62#
    Busy *67*5500# #67#
    Not answered *61*5500# #61#

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